You are my home


“Home” was such a funny word for me growing up because my family moved so much.  I can’t close my eyes and picture a house when I think of my childhood home, I instead picture my family.  I see my brother and I riding bikes to and from school together or all of us sitting down to enjoy a meal at the end of the day.  Home.. to me its not a house, its where you’re with the ones you love.

This week I’ve been visiting my family down in Arizona and for the first time I referred to Washington as my “home” instead of AZ. Weird! I have my own family now… I’m married with a toddler and own a sweet little house in Poulsbo.  It really is my home.. they really are my home and I love it!

I sketched the words “You are my home” and created this design to remind myself that it really doesn’t matter where I am in life as long as I’m with the ones I love.


Author: Kylie

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