Love One Another

Tonight as I pulled out my sketchbook I decided to branch out from my normal pens and try a new watercolor technique.

I painted the words “love one another” because its such a great reminder to put people first.  Its easy to get caught up and start thinking the world revolves around our little life and forget about others.. (I mean or so I’m told).

About halfway through making my print our dog started to bark at the door.  I thought she was just whining because Richie was outside working on the shed but it wasn’t until later that I realized a large present left on our steps.  The bag was full to the brim with much needed gifts and a super generous card that brought me to tears.  On the card were the words “We love because He first loved us… You. Are. Loved.”

Its safe to say I was completely overwhelmed.I don’t have the slightest clue who dropped it off but I do know that it was definitely a God thing!

I went back to finish my print and I couldn’t look at it the same anymore.  Something was different about it and I realized it was the words.  I got to really feel what its like when people love one another tonight and I am beyond thankful.


Author: Kylie

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