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Oh my word! I woke up last week to the sweet sound of my phone buzzing.  It was an alert from Etsy with a picture of a champagne bottle popping congratulating me on selling my first art print!  I set up an Etsy shop a few weeks ago with some of my sketches and art prints that can be digitally downloaded.   Now let’s stop right there and take a minute because that blows my mind in its self.  I upload my artwork on Etsy and if someone wants the print they pay a small price and get the digital files instantly to their computer so they can print it out and frame it themselves.  Etsy.. you’re so brilliant I could squeeze you!

Anyway this whole thing has been challenging me to draw something every day wether I put it up or not I’m pushing myself creatively and that’s worth it!   My friends and family have started giving me projects here and there with different quotes, custom pieces and I’ve even been told to start writing my own quotes and then drawing them. Eeeek! I’m so excited I can’t even handle it, I mean not only am I doing something creative that I love but I’m also making money!  Ok I’m not rich or anything but the thought of someone wanting to pay money to hang my art in their home or at their office makes me smile a stupid little girl grin that I can’t get off my face.

My whole goal in starting the Etsy shop was to help encourage others on a daily basis and what better way to do that than with art?  I know how challenging life can be… I’m a mom of a toddler and trying to balance life and two part time jobs.  Sometimes I just want a reminder that I’m doing a good job or that I’m loved. I named the shop Kylie Sketches because I wanted something super simple that gave the feel that its just one person doing some drawing and sharing them.  I think the shop name kind of nailed that perfect!  You can check out the shop at


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