Etsy shop is LIVE

I decided against my own fears to open up a little Etsy shop!  People can instantly download any sketch or artwork I post and print it for themselves at home.  How genius is that? Seriously Etsy I could kiss you.

Anyways I started the shop so I’d have a place I can drop all the sketches, art and prints I’ve been working on and to force myself to keep at it.  I’ve found when it comes to art you have to do little things every day to keep the creativity flowing.  I’ve also found that when you’re a mom to toddler you need to have some kind of your own hobby to keep yourself from going insane!

I tried to think of a creative name and came up short so for now my shop is called KylieSketches.  Here’s to stepping out on a limb and taking a chance. Check me out at




Author: Kylie

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